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The Manhattan Beach Project: A Novel

Written by:
Peter Lefcourt
Narrated by:
Tom Weiner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
10 hours 2 minutes
Barely four years after winning an Oscar, Charlie has sunken into the ranks of Hollywood bottom-feeders. But one day at his weekly Debtors Anonymous meeting, he meets a mysterious ex-CIA agent who proposes to resuscitate Charlie’s foundering career in the beyond-surreal world of reality TV. Charlie puts his tap shoes on to sell a show about a ruthless Uzbek warlord and his family—“The Osbournes meets The Sopranos”—to a rogue division of ABC known as ABCD, whose mandate is to develop, under top-secret cover, extreme reality TV shows to bolster the network's ratings. When Warlord becomes a breakout hit, it not only sends one of America’s largest entertainment conglomerates into full damage-control mode but also shifts the balance of power in Central Asia, proving that in show business, it’s not over till the mouse sings.
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