Manifesting: A Guided Meditation

Manifesting: A Guided Meditation

Written by:
Zorica Gojkovic, Phd
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
0 hours 52 minutes
What does your heart desire? Focus your thought and bring it into your life!

It is ancient spiritual knowledge that thought creates reality. With focused thought, you can create what you want.

You can create:

- QUALITIES such as love, patience, inner peace, emotional balance
- LIFE CONDITIONS such as a loving relationships, peaceful lifestyle; abundant living
- MATERIAL THINGS such as money, a new car, a house, a book, a certain kind of vacation

Whatever your heart desires, you can create it. If something isn't working in your life, identify what you don't like, then identify what you want instead and create it.

A lot of depression comes from not taking action to fulfill our hearts' desires.

The truth is you are meant to create and express your full potential; therefore the Universe will help you! Boldly aspire to create the most wonderful life for yourself!

At times it may seem you can't create what you want. There are many reasons for this. It may be your desire isn't in alignment with your soul purpose or the timing isn't right or you are unable to receive what you want.

You have to be able to receive what you want in order to have it. This means being willing to change, grow, live a larger life. This can be scary and disorienting. We are used to things being the way they are and change can feel uncomfortable, so sometimes we unconsciously resist it. You can always overcome fear of change by going nice and slow.

Being able to receive is critical. If you think this is your issue, make an effort to heal it.

The guided meditation is about 25 minutes. 10 minutes of just music follow. If you can, continue to listen for deeper emersion.

Headphones are recommended.

*Additional recommended listening included with this guided meditation: How to Make Best Use of Guided Meditations Created by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D., 17 minutes.
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