A Man's Journey to Simple Abundance

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Sarah Ban Breathnach

Narrated By: Murphy Guyer

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: November 2000

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes


"The understanding, reassurance, and guidance offered by SIMPLE ABUNDANCE have helped millions of women discover what Sarah Ban Breathnach calls their "authentic self." Ever since SIMPLE ABUNDANCE was first published, Sarah has been deluged by requests from readers to explore a man's journey. But as a woman, she didn't feel she could investigate the issues crucial to men as thoughtfully or as thoroughly as she did for women.

But the requests for such a book increased. So in collaboration with Michael Segell, a former Esquire magazine columnist and author of STANDUP GUY: MASCULINITY THAT WORKS (Villard), Sarah has devised A MAN'S JOURNEY TO SIMPLE ABUNDANCE, which explores the four major interests of a man's life: work, love, sex, and play.

Similar in scope to SIMPLE ABUNDANCE but different in format and execution, A MAN'S JOURNEY TO SIMPLE ABUNDANCE will parallel SIMPLE ABUNDANCE in subtle but distinct ways. Instead of being a daybook of meditations, A MAN'S JOURNEY will be a series of 52 essays, one for each week. SIMPLE ABUNDANCE featured a single voice; A MAN'S JOURNEY will have 50 separate voices. SIMPLE ABUNDANCE offers specific exhortations to change, along with recommendations on how to accomplish it; A MAN'S JOURNEY will be less prescriptive; it.offers a path to authentic success by examples, both positive and negative, provided by its contributors.

The book will be divided into three sections -- Departures, Crossroads, and Destinations -- and will subtly mimic SIMPLE ABUNDANCE in its structure but will not be as deliberately prescriptive as SIMPLE ABUNDANCE.

Some of the topics addressed in A MAN'S JOURNEY TO SIMPLE ABUNDANCE will be:

Success, Risk, Play, Friendship, Sex, Heroes, Money , Love, Responsibility, Drive, Bonds, Grief


  • Richard Howard

    This was a excellent book! I think anyone's life would improve if they applied this knowledge to there life

  • Anonymous

    I could not figure out what the author was talking about. He went all over. Did not make much sense