The Mark: The Beast Rules the World

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2003
8 hours 28 minutes
The Left Behind series has topped best-seller lists across the country, been the subject of special features in national media, and captured the attention of Hollywood producers. With sales in the tens of millions, the Left Behind books are the biggest selling inspirational series of all time. Those who were left behind after the Rapture must now make a crucial decision. Each person must choose whether to receive the mark of the beast, or die. Never has faith in God been more important for the group of believers called the Tribulation Force, who now face danger on all sides. Valiantly, they continue to urge new followers to accept Christ's love. Noted scriptural authority Tim LaHaye provides outlines for the vivid Biblical prophecies in The Mark and the other books in the series. Best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins creates the dramatic stories for each fast-paced apocalyptic thriller. With Audie Award-winning narrator Frank Muller's powerful performance, The Mark takes on additional dramatic force.
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Daniel Smith

Great narration as usual from Frank Muller, good story as well, can't figure out why they slowly replace Frank's work with other narrator's, the guy is the best.

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Elaine B.

I really enjoy either listening or reading this series...the story is great...and so is the narration!

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Melissa J.

The Narrator is awesome. He makes Carpathia sound like Dracula.

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Vanessa B.

I love this book!!! It had me laughing and crying excellence story. The narration was excellent superb superb Frank Muller is the best narrator ever.

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