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Book Rating (50)

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Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Robin Cook

Narrated By: George Guidall

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Date: May 2005

Duration: 16 hours 11 minutes


Twenty-eight-year-old Sean McGillin is the picture of health, until he fractures his leg while in-line skating in New York City's Central Park. Within 24 hours of his surgery, he dies.

A 36-year-old mother, Darlene Morgan, has knee surgery to repair a torn ligament in her knee. And within 24 hours, she has died.

New York City medical examiners Dr. Laurie Montgomery and Dr. Jack Stapleton are back, in Robin Cook's electrifying 25th novel. Last seen in Vector, the doctors confront a series of puzzling hospital deaths of young, healthy people after successful routine surgery.

Despite institutional resistance from her superiors, as well as from those at Manhattan General, Laurie doggedly pursues the investigation. Though it seems impossible to determine why and how the patients are dying, she comes to suspect that not only are the deaths related, they're intentional, suggesting the work of a remarkably clever serial killer with a very unusual motive, involving frightening ties to both developing genomic medicine and the economics of modern-day health care.

Then Laurie is dealt a double blow: While coping with Jack's inability to commit to their relationship, she discovers she carries a genetic marker for a breast-cancer gene. As her personal life continues to unravel, the need for answers becomes more urgent, especially when Laurie is pulled into the nightmare as a potential victim herself. With time winding down, she and Jack race to connect the dots, and save Laurie's life.

With his signature blend of suspense and science, Robin Cook delivers an electrifying page-turner as vivid as today's headlines.


  • Susan Leigh Davis

    First time reader (listener) of Robin Cook, excellent book!!! I've been in medical profession of some sort since early 1980's, so I enjoyed the storyline! Some parts actually had me clinching my teeth, and I even yelled out "run faster" during the climax part of the book! & the narration is great, he's very good at keeping characters different! I've started next Robin Cook book & same narrator, so right away you continue your relationship with flow-over characters from last book! Thank you for that!!!

  • Anonymous

    Entertaining even though it fizzled at the end and was extremely predictable.

  • Anonymous

    Marker kept me on the edge of my seat, a classic Robin Cook medical thriller. I thought there were some parallels to another Robin Cook book, Coma. I would definitely recommend Marker to any fan of medical thrillers - amazing!

  • Ann

    If you enjoy Robin Cook I believe you will enjoy this book. It was a little tedious listening to discs covering the middle of the book but then it picked up and I looked forward to hearing what was going to happen next.

  • Kathleen Carson

    This was fine: an interesting story and read well enough. The narrator does a decent job with the different cultures and voices, although not outstanding. This was my first Robin Cook audiobook, and I don't think I will do another soon. There is too much background - I much prefer character interaction. Perhaps an abridgement would have been better. This, to me, is an easier book to read than to listen to. But that is my personal preference. On the whole, it was acceptable, and I'd recommend it to audiobook fans of the author.

  • Anonymous

    This was an excellent story, and I really enjoyed the reading. It was an excellent (but frightening) premise.

  • Ronswife in PA

    This book was excellent! I've read some of Robin Cook's other books, but I think this was the best. The narrator was also excellent.

  • Jill Gurrola

    I loved this book. I was only luke-warm to Cook's earlier novels, but his latest two, this one and Seizure, were great. Good character development, smart dialog, and political over-tones that lend reality to the fictional medical thrillers. The reader is one of the best in my opinion as well. Highly recommend.

  • Dr. Charles Fontan

    I'm a retired criminologist and look at Dr. Robin Cook' s works scientifically. The third half of Marker gets very exciting. I looked up his medical terms either in my medical dictionary or on the web, and this time he didn't use his imagination too much. I've listened to twelve of his works, and this one is good too.