Mars and Venus in the Bedroom

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: John Gray

Narrated By: John Gray

Publisher: HarperAudio

Date: July 2005

Duration: 1 hours 39 minutes


In his phenomenal bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray explained how better communication and the acknowledgment of men's and women's different emotional needs lead to greater intimacy. In his new book, Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, he takes that philosophy one step further, describing how those advanced relationship skills also result in great sex.

In Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, both men and women learn how to become sexually satisfied without frustrating their partner; be better lovers; rekindle passion and maintain it in a monogamous relationship; keep sex interesting and not mechanical; communicate their sexual needs effectively and romantically; and make the most of their differences to stimulate their relationship.

Yes, men are still from Mars and women are still from Venus, and what's more, John Gray explains in an explicit, sexy, and romantic way, couples have to understand and embrace their differences in order to achieve an exciting, long-lasting relationship inside the bedroom and out.
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  • Rick Moore

    I believe anyone listening to this book will go away having learned something significant to help him or her in relationship. It is a quick listen and is certainly entertaining. I highly recommend this book.

  • Nancy

    This was a very insightful book, with lots of realistic advise. It makes a lot of sense. The only thing I would criticize is that it seemed somewhat slanted towards a woman's point of view, but I didn't mind. I even got my husband to listen to it! Definitely worth listening to if you want to improve communication between your self and your spouse.

  • Angela Wilson

    This audiotape is well meaning and does offer insight for women however it is most directed towards the sexual education of men.

  • Anonymous

    This is another in the Mars series -- you get what you'd expect. John makes sense, at least most of the time. In order for this book to be of use, you need to have a fairly "normal" relationship already -- this won't fix those with big problems. He is rather frank and open, which is refreshing. Overall, worth listening to for most people.

  • Anonymous

    Some information that most couples will figure out in the first couple of years. I found the author, a Monk previously had some insight to both the women's and men's point of view but yet it does not offer insight to helping provide real passion with our partner. I was not impressed by this book, but some might find this of some use.

  • Anonymous

    It's definitely a must listen! It is very informative and interesting to see how men and women interpret a specific situation differently. I love it and listen to it a few times.

  • Anonymous

    A great book. I listened twice before sending it back. I think it is a great reminder about what keeps an intimate relationship alive between two committed persons.

  • Anonymous

    I though this was a great selection. It provides information every man and woman should know. It makes a great deal of sense, and it gives you a multitude of things to think about, apply, and practice. And the end result of learning these ideas and techniques...well, it definitely has its rewards.

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by John Gray

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