The Master Of Verona: A Novel Of Renaissance Italy

The Master Of Verona: A Novel Of Renaissance Italy

Written by:
David Blixt
Narrated by:
David Blixt
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
26 hours 14 minutes
In 1314, seventeen-year-old Pietro Alighieri travels to Verona with his father, the infamous poet Dante, at the invitation of its leader, the legendary Cangrande della Scala. Cangrande is everything a man should be: Daring. Charming. Ruthless. To Pietro, he is the ideal Renaissance prince - until Pietro discovers a secret that could be Cangrande’s undoing.

A sneak attack from Padua draws Pietro into a web of intrigue involving Cangrande, his sister Katerina, and a star-crossed child. He finds refuge in his friendship with Mariotto Montecchio and Antonio Capulletto, but is torn when the pair feud over a woman. Pietro must navigate a rivalry that severs a friendship, divides a city, and sparks a feud that will produce Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

Inspired by the plays of Shakespeare, the poetry of Dante, and the events of history, The Master Of Verona is a sweeping novel of Renaissance Italy. Filled with swashbuckling adventure and unrequited love, this epic journey recalls the best of Bernard Cornwell, Sharon Kay Penman, and Dorothy Dunnett.

'A novel of intricate plot, taut narrative, sharp period detail and beautifully realized characters.' - Publishers Weekly

'Intricate plotting, well-staged scenes, and colorful descriptions enhance head-spinning but lively entertainment.' - Kirkus Reviews

'A delightful romp through the backstory of 'Romeo & Juliet.' - Chicago Sun-Times

'Be prepared to burn the midnight oil. It's well worth it.' - Historical Novel Society

'David Blixt bursts onto the historical fiction scene with this masterful tale of adventure, love, and intrigue. This is high adventure at its best.' - C.W. Gortner, author of The Last Queen
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Scott K.

I first read Master of Verona 11 years ago, shortly after it came out. With my memory, that's long enough for me to revisit it, and as most of my reading these days is in my car during my commute, I was glad to find it on audiobook. My opinion hasn't changed--it's still a great read. Now a great listen, too. When I started The Master of Verona, I had no intention of reading a 560 page book in three days. I had other things to do. I read the book instead. The book's scope of topics is as broad and intricate as a medieval tapestry; just when you think you've seen it all, Blixt draws your eye to a new detail as compelling as the last. There's Pietro, son of Dante, learning to become a knight under the shadow of his famous father. There's medieval Italian politics as vicious as anything you see on The Sopranos. There's great female characters like Antonia Alighieri and Katerina Della Scala using words as devastatingly as the men use swords. There's the historical figure of Cangrande attacking a neighboring city in a battle sequence as vivid as those you find in Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe books. There's a horse race that makes a NASCAR crash look tepid and a duel that only a writer who's also a fight choreographer and swordsman himself could write. Blixt also throws in a mysterious child, assassination attempts, oracular prophecies, and a villain as curiously loathsome as one from Dickens or Dumas. All of this should collapse into an unreadable mess, but Blixt's well-honed prose, characters, and narrative line turned it instead into my favorite beach book of summer 2007 and one of my favorite audio experiences of 2018. Oh, and if that weren't good enough, throughout the book, you come to empathize with the fathers of both Romeo and Juliet and watch as their friendship turns to hate. I can't wait for his next book.

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