Mastering the 7 Essentials of High-Growth Companies: Effective Lessons to Grow Your Business

Written by:
David G. Thomson
Narrated by:
Ken Maxon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
4 hours 55 minutes
With the global economic slowdown, business is entering unchartered territory and most business leaders and managers have not been exposed to prolonged recessionary pressures.  However, there are models a unique set of companies that have grown in recessionary times for achieving growth in difficult markets, and David G. Thomson, growth expert and consultant, has identified them and their characteristics. What are these companies doing differently, and what are their values and fundamental actions that set them apart? The answer is 7 essentials a breakthrough value proposition, high growth market segment, marquee customers, big brother alliances, exponential returns, inside/outside leadership, and essential board experts. Through distillation and key CEO interviews and quick case studies, Thomsons new book offers busy professionals essential insight that will move them beyond surviving and into thriving now and in the future.
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