Matzah Ball Surprise

Written by:
Laura Brown
Narrated by:
Kelli Tager

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
6 hours 59 minutes
This Passover is starting to feel like the ten plagues might be coming back to haunt them before the weekend is over . . . one hilarious misstep after the next.

Gaby Fineberg just wants to get through Passover Seder without her 'well meaning' family playing matchmaker. She needs a date, just for one simple meal-that includes singing, the history of her forefathers, and not one bit of yeast. The hot guy at her gym would be perfect. He probably hates bread, anyway, with a body like that. But when she finally works up the nerve to ask him . . . he doesn't hear a word she said.

Levi Miller is deaf and happily single. Initially, he doesn't know why this beautiful woman is talking to him, but it's clear she needs help-and suddenly so does he. In a very complicated situation, Levi finds a simple solution. Gaby will pretend to be his new girlfriend to bail him out, and he'll return the favor. But he didn't bargain for a family dinner quite like this one . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Heather D.

Matzah Ball Surprise was such a fun read! I loved the interactions between Gaby and Levi; despite throwing themselves into a new situation, they click in a way that's easy to root for. I'm also a huge fan of the fake date trope, and this story doesn't disappoint. Laura Brown does a great job of building tension and putting the reader inside the characters' heads. Highly recommended for anyone who loves romantic comedies and fake-dates-turned-romance!

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