Maybe This Time

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
8 hours 11 minutes
As the youngest son, TJ Laughlin has always had a lot to prove. His driven siblings could do no wrong in his parents’ eyes, and then there was TJ, who no matter what he accomplished he was never good enough. Although he was well loved, he always felt like they didn’t expect a lot out of him.

Now the owner of The Stag distillery with his two best friends, TJ has found his calling: whiskey and weddings. If he could only get Jen Mackenzie, the girl he’s secretly had a thing for since high school, to take a chance on him, TJ’s life may finally start falling into place.

Jen Mackenzie’s life has been anything but easy. Tied to this small town by an ill mother and her own broken dreams, Jen has felt stuck since the local community theater closed and she lost her job. Working at The Stag is her one saving grace, even though that means answering to TJ Laughlin, the one man who’s always made her feel inadequate. Used to standing on her own, Jen can take care of herself and her mother; but when TJ steps in to offer his support, will Jen be able to open up to the possibility of love?
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