Meet Miss Fancy

Written by:
Irene Latham
Narrated by:
Channie Waites

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
0 hours 14 minutes
FRANK HAS ALWAYS LOVED elephants, from their hosepipe trunks and flap-flap ears to
their tree-stump feet and swish-swish tails. But he’s never seen one in real life. More than
anything, Frank wants to pet an elephant. He thinks he just might get his chance when Miss
Fancy, a circus elephant, retires to Birmingham’s Avondale Park.
But disappointment sets in quickly when Frank realizes he won’t be allowed to pet her, after all.
The year is 1913 and Avondale Park is segregated. The NO COLORED ALLOWED sign looms large
and means Frank’s dream will stay a dream . . . unless he can find a way to change things.
Based on the true history of Miss Fancy, who lived in Birmingham, Alabama’s Avondale Park
until 1934, Meet Miss Fancy is an endearing and heartrending story set in the era when Jim Crow
reigned supreme, largely unchecked but for the dreams and will of those who thought they could
make a difference
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