Meeting Millie

Written by:
Clare Ashton
Narrated by:
Gabrielle Baker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
14 hours 20 minutes
Oxford-celebrated city of dreaming spires and class warfare-is an ambition come true for lesbian, geeky, upper-middle-class Charlotte and straight, charismatic, working-class Millie.

Against the odds, theirs is an instant, best friendship. Forever.

Exuberant Millie is a breath of fresh air for polite Charlotte and a force of nature within the university's hallowed walls. And they are going to be the best lawyers of their year and change the world.

But their world changes instead when things go queerly sideways, and they haven't seen each other since.

Ten years on and Charlotte returns to where it all began. She has a new job at a prestigious law firm and Oxford is as beautiful as ever. She's a safe distance from her overbearing barrister mother Nicola and three office floors from her snappy college mentor, Olivia.

Then Millie bounds around the corner wanting to be friends again and it's as if the last decade never happened. Will it be different the second time around? Can they be friends again? Or will love and attraction change things?
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Jude S.

I already knew when I started listening to this audiobook that I would love it. I had a slight apprehension about the narration because there were tiny details I didn’t love completely in Gabrielle Baker’s performance of Finding Jessica Lambert, but none of them got in the way of my enjoyment with this one. She does Millie and Charlotte (and all the other characters) justice and I think I fell in love with the MCs even more through her narration. That’s saying a lot, since Clare Ashton wrote them splendidly in the first place. I love Charlotte and Millie. I simply love them. They have extremely different personalities, they’re relatable, they’re complex and flawed, and good people. They’re perfect for each other, and would also have been perfect as friends, which is one of the reasons I love this story so much. The line between love and romantic love can be extremely thin. It sometimes needs to be crossed and sometimes not. The friendship is enough in and of itself, the romance isn’t necessarily “more”. That said, and Meeting Millie is a lovely depiction of that, friendship can be an excellent and strong foundation for a romantic relationship. Loving a person doesn’t always mean liking them but it does help when both go hand in hand. I already wrote most of my thoughts in my review of the book (see my blog,, and they’re all still true. As I was listening, once the friendship took a turn towards romance, all I could think of was that Millie realising she finds Charlotte hot is a thing of beauty, even more so in audio. It’s sexy and funny, tender and enchanting.

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