Written By: John Gray, Ph.D.

Narrated By: John Gray, Ph.D.

Date: July 2005

Duration: 1 hours 33 minutes


The most well-know, long-lived, and tried-and-tested relationships guide ever, the phenomenal #1 New York Times bestseller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus is now available for the first time ever as an audio book. In this classic guide to understanding the opposite sex, Dr. John Gray provides a practical and proven way for men and women to improve their communication by acknowledging the differences between their needs, desires, and behaviors. No other relationship guide on the market will give you the same level of evidence-based insight sure to help you strengthen and nurture your relationships for years to come.


  • Jhiselle Coleman

    It was useful , Good read I don't agree with some of the points but thats to be expected. Good enough for a mandatory read for class

  • Bruce Ewald

    This is a very insightful book. it makes perfect sense and is worth listening to again.

  • Anonymous

    I read this book several years ago. Disc 1 reviewed the most important part of the book for me - the part that any couple would want to know - how to understand the workings of the mind of the opposite sex. It was exactly what I wanted to hear and review. I feel that anyone would benefit from this section. It covers information than anyone can use on a day to day basis for interaction with the opposite sex. Disc 2 didn't do much for me. It covers techniques on how to deal with deeper problems in a relationship. I would suggest this book to anyone and feel that the abridged version is a great place to start. If you like what you hear, you'll love the entire book.

  • Sherry Perkins

    this book was better than I thought it would be. It did explain a few things my husband does and it made me understand him more.

  • Anonymous

    I found it very useful. It was exactly explaining the problems that I sometimes have with my fiance. I agree that it is biased towards men. But hey the writer is from Mars too what can we say:) I tried to be more understanding and approving and it worked incredibly. I got all day love words and kisses. It didnt take more than my morning to listen to it. And yet it saved my weekkend.

  • James Miller

    Watch out boys, it's a trap! This book is going to sound good to you, and you are going to suggest it to your SO, and she's going to read it and not think it's so grand. It's biased towards men. So don't get your hopes up thinking you are helping your relationship, you will end up worse off when she finds the dozens of web sites and reviews that expose this author as a fraud and misogynist. It's hard for you to see how it will look through her eyes, so just trust me. Or don't trust me, do a search on the net and read for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    It was a very intresting book with very simple advice on how to make things work when there is a mistunderstanding with existing couples. I like it.

  • Paul Schott

    I found this book to be interesting reading. Mostly, it deals with the way we are guilty of "mis communication" and I found it excellent to listen to. It is also somewhat humourous.

  • Blaine Pennypacker

    I was excited to get this one since it has been on the best sellers list for seemingly forever. Unfortunately, having listened as far as I could bear - which amounted to most of the first CD, I just couldn't take it any longer. Not only was the content nothing new, it was read by someone who had a very annoyingly whiny voice. The whole Martian and Venutian theme seemed forced - sometimes he referred to men vs women, and others he used Mars vs Venus. It ended up coming across to me as condescending and shallow commercialism (i.e., if I use cute comparisons to fictional characters, people will buy my book). If I was looking to find something to put me to sleep, I would recommend this book, otherwise, don't bother, especially if you plan to try to stay awake while driving.

  • Anonymous

    I started listening to audio books to keep me awake while driving, and this one did the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good book, helped me to understand myself and my wife a bit

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

by John Gray, Ph.D.

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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray, Ph.D.
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray, Ph.D.
This title is due for release on July 19, 2005.

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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray, Ph.D.
This title is due for release on July 19, 2005
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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray, Ph.D.
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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray, Ph.D.

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