Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse

Written by:
Dr. Kelli Palfy
Narrated by:
Dr. Kelli Palfy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
5 hours 24 minutes
Male sexual abuse occurs more commonly among infants, youth and adults than was previously suspected. Despite knowing this, disproportionately few males seek support. Many remain silent, protect their families, and cope through isolating or numbing, themselves, misusing substances and engaging in sexual promiscuity or hypermasculinity.

ME^N TOO: UNSPOKEN TRUTHS ABOUT MALE SEXUAL ABUSE is for male survivors, their supporters and helping professionals. It is an educational, honest, yet heart-wrenching look at the stories of 13 male sexual abuse victims – it is written from their perspective, with the wisdom of retired police officer and psychologist, Dr. Kelli Palfy.

Through their narrative accounts, Dr. Palfy offers:
·       Male victims - Healing through recognition through acknowelding the impact of their abuse.
·       Parents and teachers - Strategies to identify common yet sophisticated predatory grooming tactics, plus ideas on how to better protect children from abusers.
·       First responders and helping professionals - information to better recognize the signs of traumatized people, examples of male abuse explaining when it began, how it was maintained and why the victims remained silent for so long.

For the sake of our boys and men, discussions about male sexual abuse need to increase. Male victims need to feel safe asking for support. ME^N TOO highlights the many unique barriers boys and men face as they contemplate their road to recovery.
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It’s like she walked around behind me my whole life. I read this book in hard copy 4 times…

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