Message from a Ghost

Written by:
Marilyn Ross
Narrated by:
Romy Nordlinger

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
6 hours 1 minute
Heiress Emily and Gale Garvis wait in terror as the Ouija board begins to reveal who will die next....

Emily Garvis is sure that their dead father is sending them messages through the Ouija board. Her sister Gale, more practical, believes that they come instead from Emily's troubled subconscious.

In either case, the warnings are horrifying: madness and danger and death.

Then Emily is brutally murdered in her own bedroom. Heartbroken and terrified, Gale realizes that her occasional mental blackouts may be the first symptoms of insanity - and that she too is doomed by the message from a ghost.
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