Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Caleb Kaltenbach

Narrated By: Caleb Kaltenbach

Publisher: Christian Audio

Date: November 2015

Duration: 6 hours 4 minutes


The issue of sexual identity and Christianity is one of the biggest hot buttons for today's culture. Questions surface such as "what does the Bible have to say about same-sex issues" and "how can we balance grace and truth." In Messy Grace, Caleb tells his story of being raised in the LGBT community by his parents, accepting Christ, becoming a pastor, and looking at what the Bible has to say about sexual identity. Through biblical teaching, Caleb helps his readers understand how they can love others without sacrificing biblical convictions. In addition, he shows evangelicals how to treat people well and nurture healthy, respectful, and biblically informed relationships with people in the LGBT community. This is a must-read for everyone no matter what position you take on the topic of sexuality and Christianity.


  • Chris A.

    Coming from a lesbian lifestyle for over 30 years to a now Saved, filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in Tongues, this book is a inspiration to us all. Especially those in the Church and in the LGBTQ community. Thank you Caleb Kaltenbach.