The Microbiome Diet: Heal Your Gut and Start to Lose Weight with a Healthy Plan

The Microbiome Diet: Heal Your Gut and Start to Lose Weight with a Healthy Plan

Written by:
Victoria Bowley
Narrated by:
Jason Wright
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
3 hours 40 minutes
Are you experiencing depression, fatigue, thyroid imbalances, joint pain, insomnia, brain fog, inflammation or autoimmunity? This can be caused by Problem in the gut. Yes! For too long, the gut has been the body’s most ignored and least appreciated organ. But it does more than just dirty work; our gut is at the core of who we are. The microbiome—the collective name for the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut—is today’s hottest medical news topic.

With quirky charm, functional medicine and intestinal heath Expert, Victoria Bowley, in her book “THE MICROBIOME DIET” offers proven set of instructions to heal your gut, reset metabolism, and lose weight exponentially. In this book you will discover:

- Microbiome diet essentials and how it works
- How depression changes the size of the brain
- A diet that provides results without even a treadmill
- Gut feelings - how food affects your moods
- Best diets to lose weight naturally
- Foods to consider for diabetes
- The cabbage soup diet - healthy for your heart
- How minerals can help your body function
- How to build your immune system to fight viruses

You don't have to follow crazy diets or spend a fortune to get healthy. Instead, read The MICROBIOME DIET.

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