The Midwife Murders

Narrated by:
Sophie Amoss

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
8 hours 4 minutes
In this psychological thriller, a missing patient raises concerns in a New York hospital, but as others start disappearing every dark possibility becomes more and more likely.

To Senior Midwife Lucy Ryuan, pregnancy is not an unusual condition—it's her life's work. But when two kidnappings and a vicious stabbing happen on her watch in a university hospital in Manhattan, her focus abruptly changes. Something has to be done, and Lucy is fearless enough to try.

Rumors begin to swirl, blaming everyone from the Russian Mafia to an underground adoption network. Lucy teams up with a skeptical NYPD detective to solve the case, but the truth is far more twisted than a feisty single mom could ever have imagined.
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Steven M.

Can't believe that James Patterson would let this author ghostwrite for him. The protagonist was extremely unlikable. Her constant over-the-top righteous indignation and self centered badgering of every character was beyond annoying! She just couldn't believe that a police department wouldn't keep a mid-wife constantly updated on their inner workings of the case. Good story, poorly written. Love almost all JP novels, this one is surprising.

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Debra H.

While it is an intriguing story, it is not of the same caliber as many of his other stories. The title is misleading. There are no midwives who are murdered or who have murdered.

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Terri D.

The book was an ok read. Nothing special. The narration put me to sleep from boredom also.

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I did not enjoy the story line. I also do not like the tone of the narrator. To me is was bad acting, overly dramatic and very unrealistic behaviors.

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the character Lucy the Midwife is annoying nosey and very unbelievable there is no Midwife in the medical field able to do what she says she does or says . much less being able to talk to the CEO of any Hospital

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Tina G.

Loved it! The story continued to move and keep my interest. Enjoyed the twists in the plot. Of course a lot of things that were not realistic, but that's why it's called fiction. :)

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Lynda M.

Fast, good listen. It is very different from James Patterson’s previous reads.

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Enjoyed the book!

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Rhonda M.

This is the first James Patterson book I have read that wasn’t Alex Cross. Glad I expanded my choice. Excellent book and as always a surprise ending.

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The reading came across very fake. Felt like I was listening to bad acting

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Ashley K.

Another outstanding book by James Patterson who once again doesn’t disappoint. Great read/listen kept me intrigued from beginning to end.

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I could not stop listening!

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