Written by:
Rachel Stone
Narrated by:
Melinda Wade

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
2 hours 25 minutes
How many times have we been encouraged to see the cup half-full instead of half-empty?
Oftentimes in western society, the push to be optimistic and to think positive is drilled into us from a young age. However, if one is beginning to become more mindful, the transition to mindfulness may feel a little jarring. Instead of focusing just on the positive aspect of life, mindfulness encourages a realistic outlook on life that embraces the good and the bad, the positive, the negative, and the neutral. And this is where our audiobook begins, starting off by learning about this effective way of living that has been used successfully for centuries. Mindfulness meditation is all about using your thoughts to be present in the moment and crafting the world that you want to live in.
After struggling with anxiety herself during her teenager years, Rachel Stone developed an interest for psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, as a way of achieving mental and emotional healing. Her daily meditation helped her conquer panic attacks and anxiety. She is the author of several books that look at all aspects of the self (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and aim to help her readers break the pattern of depression, anxiety, addiction and stress, and find inner peace. Her work includes 'Anxiety Relief for Kids,' 'The Anxiety Workbook For Teens' and 'Mindfulness: Workbook For Anxiety.'
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