Mindless War

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
1 hour 7 minutes
This audiobook is an update to Reality Prism: A Raven Thriller, released by Flamingo Audiobooks. The focus of our book is to describe and explain the myriad of attacks on our Western Culture in general and the United States as the key target and last bastion of freedom.
Mind War is the use of sophisticated deception to deceive an enemy, and to plant false images in his mind to allow advantage. It is a military tactic.
Mindless War is a phrase that we’ve coined to describe the methods and controls being used destructively by Globalists, the New World Order, China, the Radical Left, and others, to replace the “old order” of countries, independent nation states, with a world of total control by independent, unaccountable elites. Groups like the World Economic Forum and the UN have been working on this for decades.
Yes, this is the “Great Reset.” The goals are documented in UN Agenda 2030, and other such documents. That is the subject of our book Reality Prism. The goal of Mind War is to instill fear in a society! “Fear is the Mind Killer.” It drives the loss of judgment. False reality can be used to cause insane, self-destructive behavior.
In the past, genocides and tyranny came from force. As Mao demonstrated, “From the barrel of a gun.” Or, as Hitler showed, from military conquest and death camps. Mind War is a much more effective tactic.
Recent events show its success in getting Americans to surrender our notions of exceptionalism and all men (and women) of being equal. Our God-Given Freedoms—from the right to assemble, free speech, fair trials, innocent until proven guilty, honest elections, freedom of worship, the rule of law, and, of course, at the end, the right to bear arms—are all slipping away.
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