Minorities in America Series: (8 lectures)

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eugene Lieber

Narrated By: Eugene Lieber

Publisher: IAB Inc.

Date: June 2006

Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes


Minorities in America Series

African-Americans--Civil Rights Period. Selected theme: Why is the landmark civil rights legislation started by President Johnson cut short, and what is the logic that social uprisings are seen not during times of despair, but instead when there is a spark of hope?

African-Americans--Post-Slavery Era. Selected theme: Why, after Reconstruction ends, do blacks in the South find themselves in a situation significantly worse than slavery?

African-Americans--The Slave Trade. Selected theme: Why do Europeans turn away from Native Americans and instead toward Africans as the needed slave labor force to exploit the wealth of the Americas?

African-Americans-- Slavery in America. Selected theme: What are the forms of resistance, impact, and leverage available to slaves to help alleviate some of the worst aspects of slavery?

Native Americans: Selected theme. Why is the popular concept of Native Americans as a perfect utopian society all but destroyed by European settlers, a myth?

Women in America-- Colonial Period Through the Civil War. Selected theme: Beyond moral issues, why do the women behind the temperance movement deserve to be treated with much respect

Women in America-- Early Industrial Era Through Women’s Suffrage. Selected theme: What is the contrast between the role of the Italian immigrant women and Jewish immigrant women in the early Industrial Era?

Women in America-- Women’s Rights in the Modern Era. Selected theme: In what way can the women’s liberation movement also be seen a a men’s liberation movement?

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Minorities in America Series: (8 lectures)

by Eugene Lieber

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Minorities in America Series: (8 lectures), Eugene Lieber