Missing Molly

Written by:
Natalie Barelli
Narrated by:
Lucy Price-Lewis
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
7 hours 57 minutes
Everyone has secrets, and Rachel Holloway is no exception. She’s worked hard to keep the past where it belongs: dead and buried. And so far, she’s been very successful. But now the small newspaper where she works wants to produce a podcast on a cold case: the disappearance twelve years ago of young Molly Forster. Some secrets should never see the light of day, and, as far as Rachel is concerned, whatever happened to little Molly is one of them. Rachel has a life now—a boyfriend she loves and a three-year-old daughter she adores—and she will do anything to protect them. But to do that, no one can ever know that she is Molly Forster.
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Judith C.

Ok but predictable outcome.

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Another great thriller. Natalie Barello never disappoints

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Enjoyed the mystery and sometimes thought there would be a bigger twist but a good read afterall.

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Rachel J.

definitely a great listen!

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Alexina K.

Fabulous story and narration

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Pamela H.

Could not finish because I am not into the profanity. I am of the opinion that as a WRITER you should be able to tell an excellent story WITHOUT foul language. I don't use it and I definitely REFUSE to be entertained by it!

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Well written. Fast paced. Hoping for a few more twists but it was still good and kept me interested.

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An excellent book with good narrator and a plot that kept me very interested, even though the ending was not totally a surprise . Recommend

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Ingrid D.

I liked it. The story itself, as a whodunit, isn't that surprising. But the narrative point of view is original and it is well paced. The ending is a bit over the top in my opinion, but it is an entertaining and engaging listen.

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Molly H.

The book was good and a great concept up until a point but the main character started making ridiculous decisions and I lost interest in it after that.

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It started to drag for me. I wanted to know how it ended but found I was loosing interest.

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Sarah N.

I really enjoyed this. I looked forward to listening each day on my commute. I laughed out loud at the descriptions of the bumbling Chris. The storyline gave me anxiety, thinking of what it would feel like if this was happening in real life. Thoroughly enjoyed and will download other titles from this author. The narrator was outstanding.

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Excellent story. This book kept me enthralled throughout.

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Sabra G.

As a mystery, it was alright. Some parts stretched believability.

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