Mister's Miss

Written by:
C. Robins
Narrated by:
Courtney Grace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2018
8 hours 19 minutes
As you walk in through the double café doors and immediately notice the man named Mister giving you the once over with his ogling eyes. You stand in line and stare back with a halfsmile to acknowledge his attention. You like what you see, and so does he. As his proper seriousness turns sultry, he sends back a noteworthy smile that stretches from coast to coast. With a room full of chatty guests oblivious to your heated exchange, you are caught offguard when Mister lets you have a peek into his barenaked soul. Then, Mister provocatively swaggers over, gracefully puts his hand on yours and strongly urges you to follow him forward on this hot, intimate journey of erotica. Mister was never as bold as that, but after experiencing a powerful déjàvulike dream, he was emotionally free enough to be just like that. The darkness and selfconfinement of yesterdaypast had vanished, and now, Mister is a fullthrottled tease, willing to go anywhere and do anything to find, get, and keep his sexual soulmate. Using nineteenthcentury gentlemanlike charm and twentyfirstcentury technology, he will get his Miss.
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Lisa C.

Excellent audio book. Cee Robins is an excellent writer. This book is so erotic and kept me wanting more. His descriptions leave you feeling that you are there. I could feel see and hear his words. This book is what women dream about! Excellent!!! Can't wait until the next one is out!!

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Christian O.

This was an Awesome book to listen too. I bought the book months ago, and my I took turns reading to my girlfriend. Mister turned us both on. I also learned how to be a tease, and my girl loves the new me. Thanks Mister for creating this book. If definitely left an imprint on me.

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