MONEY AND PROSPERITY AFFIRMATIONS : Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Affirmations

MONEY AND PROSPERITY AFFIRMATIONS : Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Affirmations

Written by:
Michael Dean
Narrated by:
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
6 hours 41 minutes
Money attracting affirmations can be a great way to bring more wealth and abundance into your life and can help change your overall attitude with money. It seems there are many people in the world who are suffering from a lack of income and using these affirmations of positive money will help them get out of the rut and start enjoying life.

There are some people who easily attract capital. They've got big amounts of money all the time, and make it look so easy! The secret to attracting money is to change our attitude with wealth by attracting affirmations using money. Spending a few minutes each day focusing on those positive statements can bring enormous changes to your life.

Stop thinking about how difficult it is to get and start focusing on the simplicity of money, and how quickly it flows to you. You should always have some positive affirmations about money at your fingertips, and whenever a negative thought about wealth comes into your mind, you need to substitute it with the positive affirmation immediately.

View little sub topics which discussed in this book:

- Discover the Power of Prosperity Affirmation for a Brighter Tomorrow 
- Prosperity Affirmations A Type Of Hidden Subliminal Messages 
- Powerful Affirmations To Attract Happiness in No Time Flat 
- Money and the Law of Attraction-Abundance Manifesting 
- Your Relationship with Money, Lessons They Need To Learn 
- Raising Your Wealth, Money and Prosperity Consciousness 
- Powerful Affirmations to Become a Money Magnet 

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Elizabeth 2.

this is a book you will certainly love to listen

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Roseline R.

Great book to reference from time to time if you feel yourself slipping on your goals.

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Phillip L.

What I like about this best is that he goes into the mind of the person that may be struggling with this at the moment and then addresses that issue simply and concisely. There are no shortcuts. You just need to start.

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Toney L.

this was well thought out, concise, and very inspirational. This is a topic that I have heard about before, but didn’t know much about.

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This book aims to help the reader use affirmations to better themselves, their career, and ultimately their life

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Dr A.

This book is loaded, and it will have a significant impact on people’s lives. I learned a whole lot from it... Keep up the good work

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Renaissance R.

The content was truly inspirational to me, it added a lot of value and created a positive feeling/emotion while I was reading through.

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Gambler J.

Reading this book will help you to realize the importance of self-motivation and self-confidence in your professional life as well as your personal development.

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Parsha R.

This is a book you will certainly love to read. Usually, self-motivation literature tends to be a bit dry and generic, but not this book. It tackles a lot of problems all of us face on a daily basis, and offers solutions!

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Stanley R.

this is a book you will certainly love to listen

Profile Avatar
Starling J.

The language in the book is simple and approachable, however, it contains some brilliant ideas. There are plenty of examples and ideas for good and fruitful practices.

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