Moonlite: The Tragic Love Story of Captain Moonlite and the Bloody End of the Bushrangers

Written by:
Garry Linnell
Narrated by:
Ryan Corr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
9 hours 38 minutes
Charismatic, intelligent and handsome, George Scott is unlike any other
bushranger. Born into a privileged life in famine-wracked Ireland,
Scott's family loses its fortune and is forced to flee to New Zealand.
There, Scott joins the local militia and fights as a soldier against
the Maori in the brutal New Zealand wars.

After recovering from a series of serious gunshot wounds, he sails to
Australia and becomes a Lay Preacher, captivating churchgoers with his
fiery and inspiring sermons.

But Scott is also prone to bursts of madness. The local villagers back
in Ireland often whispered that a 'wild drop' ran in the blood of the
Scott family. One night he dons a mask in a small country town, arms
himself with a gun and, dubbing himself Captain Moonlite, brazenly
robs a bank before staging one of the country's most audacious

After falling in love with fellow prisoner James Nesbitt, a boyish
petty criminal desperately searching for a father figure, Scott finds
himself unable to shrug off his criminal past.

Pursued and harassed by the police, he stages a dramatic siege and
prepares for a final showdown with the law - and a macabre executioner
without a nose.

Meticulously researched and drawing on previously unpublished
material, Moonlite is a work of non-fiction that reads like a novel.

Told at a cracking pace, and based on many of the extensive letters
Scott wrote from his death cell, Moonlite is set amid the violent and
sexually-repressed era of Australia in the second half of the 19th

With a cast of remarkable characters, it weaves together the
extraordinary lives of our bushrangers and the desperation of a young
nation eager to remove the stains of its convict past.

But most of all, Moonlite is a tragic love story.

For these are the dying days of the bushrangers and Captain Moonlite
is about to make his last stand.
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