Written by:
Brian Jacques
Narrated by:
Brian Jacques , A Full Cast

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2004
11 hours 52 minutes
Visit the magical animal world of Brian Jacques in this thrilling prequel to Redwall. Long before the abbey of Redwall is built, the land is known simply as Mossflower, a lush woodland and happy home to all. That is, until Tsarmina, a cruel wildcat queen who demands obedience and offers the castle's dungeon to those who defy her, comes along. Brian Jacques' tales of courageous heroes and deliciously hateful villains have captivated countless readers.
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Jacob H.

this is a great book it really teaches you to be thankful and have a good attitude

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Elijah C.

An amazing reading of a childhood favorite.

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Dorte Lassen

This was a mishap. I couldn't even finish it. It was impossible to follow the story, mainly because of the narrators. There seems to be a narrator for every single character in the story, who speaks the lines, while there is one who reads the whole story. The sound volume is completely off. In some cases it becomes extremely quiet (mainly the main narrator), while the character mostly shout and scream like maniacs into your ear. Because the characters are all animals the narrator are good in implementing the type of animal in the voice, so that a weasel sounds sleazy, but at times it sounds like the awful noise of chalk on a blackboard. The whole recording is even from former discs, so you cannot follow when a chapter is over. And each chapter ends and starts with this weird music. Probably better to read it yourself!

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