Moving In Part One

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Unabridged Audiobook

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March 2017
2 hours 57 minutes
Part one of a collection of audio erotica based on the theme: 'Moving In'. Follow the story and immerse yourself in the sounds and different scenarios. The audios contain ASMR sensual triggers and other 3D sound effects.
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Emma D

Mr Gael Force is a force indeed. I have never heard a guy work this hard for a buck ! There were 2 things that got up my nose though... He keeps addressing the audience as 'slutty girl' , why did he not then address himself as 'sleazy boy' - unfair, archaic and insulting language here. Secondly, it is quite obvious from the recordings that he is 'handling himself' and not a live female body - if he is so intent on realism why does he not just make love to his wife or partner on the microphone - 'We can tell what you are doing , Gael, doesn't your Willy get sore after all that punishment?

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Mike T.

This is listening to a gay German man act out sex with a woman it’s laughable at best.

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Allie F

Pretty good, though some of the stories are basically the same. Some tracks are better than others, but the better ones are very, very worthwhile. The narrator's voice is intoxicating. Overall I found this collection to be very enjoyable and arousing.

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Merary V

His voice is intoxicating in the best way possible.

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Noura A

Good job, thanks!

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Evelyn O

Very sexy stuff. Great Voice artist. He is very passionate about his art.

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Michael T

Great stuff. Love good steamy fun with a guy any time.

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Ursula S

Loved this collection of erotica, I absolutely Love Gaels voice and the palpable passion that it exudes. I'm new to the asmr world of erotic audio, but Gael is the best I've heard so far! I'm hooked! Love his Sexy voice.

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Carmen I

This book is really good, but I don't want to give it the highest rating, because if I would I wouldn't give the author any space to improve and I know that you can always improve and get better.

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Can't say you will be let down by Gael anytime! Great collection that was put together of stories. Can't wait for the next part!

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Kris G

Gael Force knows exactly what he's doing! How he able to immerse you so deeply into these scenes is astounding. And with that lovely, masculine voice of his...! Ladies, treat yourself to these 3 1/2 hours; I highly recommend it!

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Afroditi K

He is the best audio creator Ive ever listened and he is the Master of Seduction.His passionate voice will lead you to the edge.3 1/2 hours of pure pleasure.Don't miss it!

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Saskia d

Gaelforce certainly knows wat he's doing ;) This audio book is amazing, diverse and a real pleasure to listen to!

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Trina O

If you are looking for an erotic audiobook that brings the heat and puts YOU, the listener in the story- look no further. Gael Force expertly combines eroticism and tender affection in a series of vignettes that will leave you breathless. Each scene is carefully crafted using narration and sound effects to create a clear picture for the listener that you will want to hear again and again.

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Rebecca b

It's sexy, well written, what more could you want. Gael is one talented man and his voice is like a hot knife to butter. My poor heart. Can't wait to see what else he does.

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Cat N

Prepare yourself. His voice, the 3D sounds, its like being surrounded by pleasure. The mix of raw sexual energy, sensuality and sweetness will get you exactly were you want to be. 3+ hours. Somehow still not enough.

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Melissa S

Such a great theme,and gael is THE BEST at what he does. Beautifully written and narrated.You really do find yourself immersed in the story,Never wanting it to end!.Cannot wait for more. 5 stars all around.

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Doctimus P

This audiobook is fraught with love, hate, sensuality, and unbridled passion - all the things in my life that I've managed to suppress! But seriously, this is an extremely well done piece of erotica by a very talented and dedicated artist. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Gael!

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Laura P

Gael is amazing as always. His voice is both soothing and sexy, and his genuine passion radiates from everything he does. He is simply the best!

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Shaniece N

Loved it loved truly amazing . Why is Gael truly amazing a must listen if you like to listen to sexy~

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Liadan D

If you are looking for a variety of sensual, intense erotic scenarios look no further. There is something for everyone in this collection. My favorite thing about this is that it is focused on what a woman wants and needs. It is very positive and respectful while still being seductive, passionate and exciting. The author/narrator is a very talented storyteller and actor. His voice is the sexiest I've ever heard. You will be swept away into an incredibly emersive fantasy where you will feel beautiful, sexy, and have all your desires satisfied by the end of it. Once you listen to him, you'll never want to listen to another erotic author/narrator. I can't wait for him to create more and I hope he does so soon.

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Krysta L

I loved the narrator on this book, he captured the mood and evoked powerful imagry and physiological responses utilizing ASMR tech. The more I hear, the more impressed I am. Very good book.

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Graces G

Excellent erotic vignettes by a very talented author and narrator. Download this and let Gaelforce take you away!

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Elena W

3 and a half hours of Gael? yes PLEASE. Spectacular work, love. Thanks for the nice weekend in advance ;)

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Claire G

This has to be the epitome of erotic audio! As a 'newbie' to the erotica scene, I find I have somewhat hit the jackpot early on with this authors reputation and rating. With a following of tens of thousands, gaelforce delivers in both content and total emotional commitment. He takes te listener on a journey attacking the senses finishing in a finale of pure indulgence for both author and listener. Wow .....this man takes you to another world with his beautiful voice, simply stunning.

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Susie L

Never has doing the dishes been more rewarding. And trust me, you'll never look at that glass table the same way again! In my opinion, this man has the most alluring voice in erotica by a country mile.... Thank you ????

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Lisa R

As usual, perfection from Gael Force. Love your voice and the way you weave your stories, you capture your audience immediately. Please keep up the great work !!!!

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Jessica R

This audiobook is a pure piece of pleasure! The narrator has a very beautiful and sexy voice, with a charming Irish accent. The scenes are all full of passion and easy to imagine: two lovers, a new home, lots of fun and sweet moments!

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Sage S

Nobody compares to Gael Force, not even close. Basically everything he writes and performs is a "must have." He's got the Midas touch when it comes to erotica for women. The fantasies in this book are creamy and delicious! He creates so much heat and excitement, you hardly notice three hours or even three days, has passed. His voice is divine, deep and masculine but sweet and warm, and Irish to boot! I hope to see lots more from Gael Force, he never disappoints!

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Jasmine B

A very "stimulating" listen ;) Love it!

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Kelly S

Gaelforce is truly the name in erotic audio. His insanely sexy mind and beyond delicious voice combine to make a truly enjoyable experience. Believe me, you're in store for 3.5 hrs of blissful seduction. Ladies, do yourself a favor. Men, do your ladies a favor!

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Claudia H

Well... there´s nothing much to say... It´s from Mr. Gael Force! ...if you ever had the pleasure to listen to him, you know that alone says all! And it´s 3 1/2 hours... it will leave you completely sated... in a happy mess... promise!! XD

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Anita A

Totally worth it! And I'm m sure Gael will appreciate it! ????

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Amy M

Gaelforce nevers fails to please! Sexy voice, sexy story, what more can one ask for?

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