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Murder Between the Pages

Murder Between the Pages

Written by:
Josh Lanyon
Narrated by:
Kale Williams
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2017
4 hours 15 minutes
Best of Enemies, Worst of Allies—and Now the Killer is After Them!

When the notorious author of sure-to-be scandalous roman à clef is shot dead by an invisible assailant during a signing at Concord’s staid and stately Marlborough Bookstore, it falls—for reasons still hard to explain—to feuding mystery authors Felix Day and Leonard Fuller to solve a real life murder.  

Despite the fact that they’re technically both suspects, it’s the perfect opportunity for Felix and Len to match wits and sleuthing skills. But while they’re busy trying to outsmart (and impress) each other, a ruthless murderer is closing in on our two intrepid investigators…
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