The Murder House

Narrated by:
Therese Plummer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
11 hours 30 minutes
Detective Jenna Murphy comes to the Hamptons to solve a murder -- but what she finds is more deadly than she could ever imagine.

No. 7 Ocean Drive is a gorgeous, multi-million-dollar beachfront estate in the Hamptons, where money and privilege know no bounds. But its beautiful gothic exterior hides a horrific past: it was the scene of a series of depraved killings that have never been solved. Neglected, empty, and rumored to be cursed, it's known as the Murder House, and locals keep their distance.

Detective Jenna Murphy used to consider herself a local, but she hasn't been back since she was a girl. Trying to escape her troubled past and rehabilitate a career on the rocks, the former New York City cop hardly expects her lush and wealthy surroundings to be a hotbed of grisly depravity. But when a Hollywood power broker and his mistress are found dead in the abandoned Murder House, the gruesome crime scene rivals anything Jenna experienced in Manhattan. And what at first seems like an open and shut case turns out to have as many shocking secrets as the Murder House itself, as Jenna quickly realizes that the mansion's history is much darker than even the town's most salacious gossips could have imagined. As more bodies surface, and the secret that Jenna has tried desperately to escape closes in on her, she must risk her own life to expose the truth--before the Murder House claims another victim.

Full of the twists and turns that have made James Patterson the world's #1 bestselling writer, THE MURDER HOUSE is a chilling story of murder, money, and revenge.
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Kelley M

I travel an extensive amount for my job. Honestly, I was on the verge of going a little crazy during all the hours on the road; I mean, let’s face it, you can only listen to the same songs and talk on the phone so much! With Audio Books, I have a whole new world to look forward to during my drives! As an English major, reading aloud is something I am very particular about. I am so excited to report that my last audio book, “Murder House” by James Patterson has 2 different narrators, both of which were excellent! I recommended the app to my mother, who also drives extensively. Thank you Audio Books, you saved me! I would recommend this app to anybody who loves books and has time to listen to the book of your choice, as they have virtually everything, read to you! I love the book and the narrators! Great job!

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Not a bad story, just average one... with some very slow spots. Got very tired of all the repetitive, hyper-emotional ‘internal discussions’ that the main character has with herself.

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Gidget P

Awesome Book! Very suspenseful !! I loved it!!

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Jean V

The book was better than average but not by much. It was interesting with a predictable twist at the end. I enjoyed it but not enough for a "re-read" sometime in the future.

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Michelle B

Good book but odd narration. Will have to sample before listening to another by this author.

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susan d

I love the story with james you can never go wrong but didn't care for the reader to over the top to many silly noises while reading

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Marie Gieser

Murder House was long as all Patterson books are. In fact, it was too long because by the time I reached the end I had already figured out the twist. An interesting read with well developed characters but still too long and drawn out, I thought. I preferred the male narrator to the female. Also, I prefer that the narrator just read. Not try to speak as he or she thinks the character would. No dialects please. Still, the book was interesting but no raves from me.

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Karissa Craven

There were thrills and twists at every turn. Both of the narrators only enhanced the story. I highly recommend this book--it will keep you guessing.

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Great book!! Full of lots of great mystery and suspense! Must read!!

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Tracy Shires

Excellent story! The narrators did an amazing job, really holds your attention and keeps you interested. Another exciting read by James Patterson, I would highly recommend this audiobook.

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Sharon Spofford

This book had me in suspense. One moment I had it figured out and then something else would happen and have me changing my mind. The only thing that I didn't like was the narrator's reading "I say" to the point that it irritated me.

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Kari Wagner

I love James Patterson. He's the best suspense thriller writer there he is. This book was great

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Cathy Higley

I thought this was a good book. It had twists and turns, but was somewhat predictable. All in all a good read/listen.

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Virginia Davila

I enjoyed this book very much. I really like Patterson some books I like better than others. I've read most of his books and enjoyed most.

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Julie Kagy

I disliked this book from the moment the narrator started talking. The narration was overplayed... But worse the story was horribly predictable and poorly written... Even the red herrings made me roll my eyes. Don't bother with this one...

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Tonya Dyson

This book was fantastic. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and my brain working to figure out the plot! Great narrators and a pleasurable listen

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Christine Dufek

Held my interest until the very end. Was a little too descriptive in some areas, but it passed the time while driving on a long trip.

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Brint Detwiler

My first James Patterson book and I was less than impressed. It was plot twist on top of plot twist to the point of getting a bit silly and illogical. The construct seems way too obvious......pick two or three characters and make them look undeniably guilty and then surprise the reader with the one you would never have guessed- could see it coming from the middle of the book. Guess Patterson is just not my style!

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Mary Green

Well written and very descriptive. Now I feel the need to read post WWII history.

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Catherine Waldrop

Kept me guessing until the end! Very good but some parts were more gruesome than my taste.

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Barbara Garvin

Excellent book and narrative!! Didn't want it to end!!!

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Candace Papineau

I loved this book! I listen to books when driving and this one I wanted to keep listening to even after getting to my destination.

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Michelle Wetmore

Great book and it will keep you from turning it off. Have to keep going to the end and not what you expect when you get there

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Renee Byrom

Good book enjoyed every minute of it did not want it to end. Very Good Book

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Christopher Overlie

Awesome book. Love the change in narrators. Didn't have it figured out until the very end, and kept me guessing the whole time. Another brilliant Patterson book.

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