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A Murder of Crows: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2010
9 hours 47 minutes
As wild as the American West, P. F. Chisholm's witty historical detections are also elegantly crafted and historically accurate as theyre-imagine the life of a real Elizabethan gunslinger.

It's September 1592, and the dark streets of London are full of people up to no good. The redoubtable Sergeant Dodd and that dashing Elizabethan gunslinger Sir Robert Carey are in London dealing with the fall-out from their earlier adventures.Carey urgently needs to get back to Carlisle, but hispowerful father, Lord Henry Hunsdon—son of the other Boleyn girl, Mary, and her paramour, young Henry VIII—wants him to solve the mystery of a badly decomposed corpse that has washed up from the Thames River onto Her Majesty's privy steps. Meanwhile, Sergeant Dodd is plotting how to take suitable revenge for his mistreatment by the Queen's Vice Chamberlain, Thomas Heneage. Carey's father wants him to sue, but none of the lawyers in London will take the brief against such a dangerous courtier—until a mysterious stranger offers help with suspicious eagerness. Now, Sergeant Dodd has to help Carey find the identity of the corpse and its murderer, while bringing a little taste of the Borders to his dealings with Heneage.
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Carolyn D

This...was a hard book to listen to. I had to restart it three times just to understand the opening. What made it hard to listen to is that two of the principal characters' names start with H--Hunsdon and Heneage--so unless you are listening carefully it is easy to lose track of which one is talking/is being talked about. Additionally, William Shakespeare is a character, could've been anybody, because because he was not a major player and had very little to do with the story. Also, the author doesn't let the story unfold, she tells the story. Things that should have come out in the plot are explained by the narrator. I didn't like it. Overall, this book felt slap-dash. I will say though, in it's defense, that this is probably a decent READING book; but as a LISTENING book, no.

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