Murmurs of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: July 2017

Duration: 5 hours 45 minutes


In August and September 1977, two remarkable spacecraft named Voyager were launched. After exploring Jupiter and Saturn, they left our solar system and now cruise for eons to come through the realms of other stars, other galaxies. Affixed to each craft is a gold-coated phonograph record, a message from Earth to possible extraterrestrial civilizations.

By far the most complex and informative of all our attempts to communicate with other intelligences, the record contains, encoded in the audio spectrum, 117 pictures explaining our planet and ourselves; greetings in fifty-four different human languages and greetings from the humpback whales; a representative selection of "the sounds of Earth," from an avalanche to a rocket launching, from an elephant's trumpet to a kiss; and almost ninety minutes of some of the world's greatest music.

The chance that the record will ever reach an extraterrestrial is remote, but this by no means diminishes the significance of its presence on Voyager. In this audiobook, the group that was responsible for making the record forty years ago explains how and-still more important-why they did it, and what they feel the record says not only to possible extraterrestrials but to human beings.

"No one sends such a message on such a journey without a positive passion for the future. For all the possible vagaries of the message, any recipient could be sure that we were a species endowed with hope and perseverance, at least a little intelligence, substantial generosity and a palpable zest to make contact with the cosmos." -Carl Sagan

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