My Tutor: Sports Romance

My Tutor: Sports Romance

Written by:
Alex (mf) Mcanders
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
7 hours 33 minutes
She can't be his girlfriend because I'm the one he's studying.

CAGE’S PROBLEM: He’s the star athlete on campus who can only go pro if he passes his class.

HARLEQUIN’S PROBLEM: She’s brilliant with books but clueless with people.

-- It shouldn’t have mattered—I had my rules, and falling for a guy who’s already taken was off-limits. But I've struggled for so long with making friends and not feeling like the most awkward person in the room. And Cage, with his irresistible charm (and rippling body), has offered to help me with all that if I help him pass his class. How could my rules not blur?

I don't want him to give me butterflies!

-- She thinks I'm just flirting to pass, but I know Quin's the one. I'll give the world to have that girl... And I might just have to when the man who controls my every move (including who I date) finds out about the girl who holds my heart and won’t give it back.

I'll do anything to have her.

A forbidden, forced proximity, sports romance with angst, and lots of sexy scenes. (no cheating)

Note: This book is a part of the author's 'Love is Love Collection', meaning that it is available as a spicy romance in 'My Tutor', a wholesome romance in ‘I Don’t Date My Tutor’, a steamy wolf shifter romance in ‘Tamed by her Alpha’, a Male/Male romance in 'Serious Trouble', and a MM wolf shifter romance in ‘His Caged Wolf’.
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