My Weakness: Sports Romance

My Weakness: Sports Romance

Written by:
Alex (mf) Mcanders
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
5 hours 38 minutes
‘Kissing her body, I took her flesh between my teeth. Applying pressure, she groaned.’


Most people wouldn't consider East Tennessee University the big city. But when you come from a small town like Snowy Falls, it’s more than you can handle. And when you've lived your life with secrets and the football universe shines that big ol' light on you, it's enough to push you over the edge. At least, it did me.

It's a good thing Kendall was there to catch me. She doesn't remember the day we met, but I do. It was the moment I realized I needed to protect her from my dark side.

So what do I do now that the coach, and the law, have mandated that I see Kendall three days a week? What will being around her do to my NFL prospects? What will it do to my too often broken heart?


I don't like football players. They made my life hell in high school. It turns out that smart, and weird wasn't a good combination.

Now in University, my dream is to help others as a therapist. That starts by becoming a student counselor. So maybe I shouldn't have drawn a picture of a football player hanging from a noose on my professor's empathy questionnaire.

In either case, he told me that I had to tackle my hang-up head-on to get what I wanted. So, now I'm counseling the worst of the worst, Nero Roman, a football player whose rippling body I can’t stop picturing naked… and on top of mine.

Turns out there's more than I expected under his rough exterior. And now I have to figure out how to stop having feelings for my football player client before he hurts me like so many guys have before?
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