Mystery at Maplemead Castle: A Laugh-Till-You-Cry Cozy Mystery

Written by:
Kitty French
Narrated by:
Cat Gould

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
9 hours 45 minutes
Welcome to Chapelwick, a leafy English town in the hills of Shropshire, where chocolate pecan cookies come with a helping of sabotage.

Maplemead Castle is crawling with ghosts, and the new owners need them gone. When Melody Bittersweet and the Girls' Ghostbusting Agency arrive on scene, they quickly identify the troublemakers swinging from the chandeliers . . . literally.

A century ago, stunning trapeze artist Britannia Lovell plunged to her death, and has done every night since. But did she really just fall, or was there something more to her demise?

Forced to work with Leo Dark, her scoundrel ex, and infuriating, irresistible reporter Fletcher Gunn, Melody's investigative powers are under strain (i.e. lost in a pink mist of lust and confusion). She needs her team on top form, but best friend Marina's cake pipeline goes AWOL, assistant Artie's distracted by a giant sausage roll, and the pug is scared witless by a lion.

Somewhere, hidden in the castle, is a heart-breaking secret, but what will it take to find it? And is there a chance it could set Britannia free, or is she doomed to repeat her last fateful act forever?

Contains mature themes.
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Carol B.

The second title in the series. Truly a cozy mystery. A good listen for driving. Well narrated.

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Lisa H.

The second book in the series is just as good as the first! Absolutely loved this book! The plot was unique and I enjoyed the ghosts relationships with each other and Melody and Leo. Marina, Artie, and Lestat never fail to amuse. Fletcher is a great character too. And yes, it made me laugh - a lot! My big problem? There are no more books in the series! I even went online and there is zilch about Kitty (or Kat) French since 2018. Now there is the mystery of what happened to the author. I hope it has a happy ending!

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Brandy K.

Greatness just like the 1st book. This book also is very laugh out loud funny. The plot and characters are excellent. The narrator portrays each character great, makes it very easy to follow along, and makes it so a movie is playing in my head. I only wish the books were longer because I couldn't stop listening and they seemed to end too soon. Can't express more that I really hope the author adds to this series. Not only are her story lines great, the intimate scenes are even more steamy than the 1st book and she keeps the characters hilarious.

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Bonnie J B.

great story, laughed til my cheeks hurt!

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I how she writes more stories in this series.

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Jacqueline B.

can hardly wait for more

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Michelle F.

The narration is very good. For the most part the story is good and the actual mystery within the story is very good. You just have to listen to what sounds like the rantings a of a 16 year old love struck, girl who is obsessed with sugar and super heroes.

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Kristina M.

Enjoyed this book and the humor. Narrator was excellent also. Looking forward to listening to others in the series.

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Tracey J.

This writer is whimsical, fun and lighthearted. This is the second book I have read by her and this books makes you laugh and cry.

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