The Naked King

Written by:
Sally MacKenzie
Narrated by:
Pearl Hewitt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
10 hours 32 minutes
Indiscretion Is Just The Beginning . . .

One night of slight overindulgence-oh, all right, he was drunk-and Stephen Parker-Roth finds he must betroth himself to prevent yet another scandal. But his 'intended' is lovely, a redheaded beauty under her horrendous, unfashionable bonnet, and before long, he's congratulating himself on compromising such an excellent candidate-and anticipating what other naughtiness they'll get caught at before the wedding . . .

Lady Anne Marston has long since given up any thought of marriage. That is the price she pays for the mistakes of her past. But one little conversation with a handsome rogue should never have led to a sham engagement. Even if it did end in a rather shocking kiss . . . in broad daylight . . . on the front step of London's premier gossip. Now, trapped between a secret and a lie, Anne must somehow disentangle herself from this charming, maddening man before the truth comes out-or her heart gives in . . .

Contains mature themes.
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