Written By: Brandon Massey

Narrated By: Leon Nixon

Date: November 2019

Duration: 8 hours 55 minutes


Monica Stephens never knew her birth mother. Raised by a strict but loving adoptive parent, she blossomed into a woman with a thriving career as a pediatrician and a family of her own. But sometimes, she wondered about her origins. Especially her biological mother.

Until Grace arrives.

Confessing to be the birth mother Monica had long wanted to meet, Grace quickly becomes an indispensable member of the Stephens household. Cooking their meals. Looking after the children. Comforting Monica when the family dog is inexplicably killed. Tending to Monica as she falls ill to a mysterious sickness that, every day, makes Monica look and feel older.

Meanwhile, Grace is looking better. More vibrant. More youthful. More seductive . . .

Monica's husband, Troy, knows something is up. He launches an investigation into the woman who demands to be called 'Nana,' and has taken over his home.

But the truth is beyond their wildest imaginings.

It seems Grace has done this before . . .


  • Kathleen L.

    This is a good story. Although I agree that the ending was somewhat lame, it is still a good recreational read. I did think there was more description of sex acts than I needed. Kind of soft porn horror. So if you don’t like sex mixed with your otherwise mystery/scary tales you may not be keen on this book.

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  • Bonnie W.

    I got sucked in by the strange story, but listening to it was painful.

  • Anonymous

    It was ok. Not great but I listened until the end.

  • Sam B.

    This book was one of the worst horror/thrillers I’ve listened to. At times it felt like it was horror erotica. Weird scenes with nana. Yeah, she is evil, I get it, but it was plain weird and the writing was meh. An odd book I would not recommend to anyone. Much much much better horror out there (and on this app!)

  • Anonymous

    very good. grasps you from the beginning. good narration

  • Rose D.

    This was a very engrossing tale indeed that dug its nails in from the start. At every turn of events I would yell out expletives such as "OMG!" or "No way!". The narrator does an excellent job of relating the story & you feel your hearing the actual characters speaking. Not sure the ending explains much though.

  • Kathy C.

    I love this book! I could not stop listening

  • Anonymous

    Interesting read. Wicked Nana!!!


by Brandon Massey

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Nana, Brandon Massey
Nana, Brandon Massey
This title is due for release on November 26, 2019.

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Nana, Brandon Massey
This title is due for release on November 26, 2019
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Nana, Brandon Massey
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Nana, Brandon Massey

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