Napoleon: The True Story of the Life & Time of Napoleon Bonaparte the Emperor of France

Written by:
Liam Dale
Narrated by:
Liam Dale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
1 hour 3 minutes
Do you want to explore the life of the great military leader Napoleon Bonaparte without trudging through lengthy biographies? Let The History Journals take you on an hourly history tour.

Throughout history, exceptional leaders have emerged, leaving an indelible mark for generations to discover. Napoleon, one such iconic figure, remains renowned worldwide. Whether his name invokes admiration for his military genius or playful impressions of a stout man in a distinctive hat and coat, Napoleon's true essence can be elusive. Countless books portray him in various lights, emphasizing his revolutionary spirit, tactical brilliance, leadership, organizational prowess, and unmatched military strategy. Simultaneously, critics see him as a power-hungry, ruthless tyrant with an inflated ego.

This journal delves into Napoleon's intriguing and eventful life, shedding light on:
- His life journey from start to finish
- "Le Petit Caporal" - The "Little Corporal"
- Debunking the myth of Napoleon's height
- The pivotal "Whiff of Grapeshot"
- His grand coronation as Emperor of France
- Napoleon's complex relationship with Josephine
- Unearthing the Rosetta Stone
- The Napoleonic Code and its impact
- The formidable Grande Armée
- Napoleon's fateful encounter with Russia
- The sweeping Napoleonic Wars
- His ultimate defeat at the Battle of Waterloo
- Exile and the end of an era
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