The Nazarene: Forty Devotions on the Lyrical Life of Jesus

Written by:
Michael Card
Narrated by:
Michael Card

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
6 hours 4 minutes
Jesus' life is a song that still resonates down through the ages.

His deeds and words speak with beauty and mystery, both comforting and confounding us. Who is this man? Over the course of his career, singer-songwriter Michael Card has explored the depths of Scripture by bringing together biblical study and the power of the imagination. Now he sheds light on the life of Jesus through lyrical reflections on the four Gospels. These forty meditations lead us to a place where Jesus becomes real and we can hear him with both hearts and minds. Listen again to the life of the Nazarene. And discover anew the music of Christ in your soul.
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