The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, 10th Anniversary Edition

Written by:
Michelle Alexander
Narrated by:
Karen Chilton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2012
16 hours 56 minutes
Seldom does a book have the impact of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow.
Since it was first published in 2010, it has been cited in judicial decisions and has been
adopted in campus-wide and community-wide reads; it helped inspire the creation of
the Marshall Project and the new $100 million Art for Justice Fund; it has been the
winner of numerous prizes, including the prestigious NAACP Image Award; and it has
spent nearly 250 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

Most important of all, it has spawned a whole generation of criminal justice
reform activists and organizations motivated by Michelle Alexander’s unforgettable
argument that “we have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned
it.” As the Birmingham News proclaimed, it is “undoubtedly the most important book
published in this century about the U.S.”

Now, ten years after it was first published, The New Press is proud to issue a
tenth-anniversary edition with a new preface by Michelle Alexander that discusses the
impact the book has had and the state of the criminal justice reform movement today.
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James S.

As a white male police officer of 32 years, this book needs to be part of law enforcement training.

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Karensa Beckford

This was eye opening, and very informative. It was a hard core truth that was very hard to swallow at times!!

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Connie Rickett

Well written and well narrated. A must read for anyone who cares about equal rights and justice.

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Dayon H

Excellent read about the history of Jim Crow and also another look at America with there modern new Jim crow.

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An eye-opening list of the past and present.

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Mind boggling! A life changing gift from an absolutely incredible person as she discovers the latest chapter in the sorry history of race relations in our country. Not to be missed if you are interested in how we need to finally move beyond the racism that for centuries has been one of the foundational building blocks of our country.

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Damon P.

A must read.

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Bailey Judie

This is an amazing book I wrote down so many quotes from this book I recommend a good read!!

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Kim M.

I had so many “so that’s why” moments. I have truly been enlightened.

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Chris Kraisser

It's an eye-opener for sure to see how the mass incarceration system is a caste system for black and brown people. We tend to know these things, but let them fade too far into the background.

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So two questions I have. Is the mass incarceration of black males an unintended result of a problem riddled criminal justice system? Michelle Alexander would have us believe, absolutely, positively not. So my other question is do you really believe racial bias exists from the lowest of the white class to the U.S Supreme Court? At all levels extermination of the black male race is their goal? (Whoops 3 questions). This book raises a lot of them. Glad I read it, but don’t always agree with it. Redundant at times.

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