The New Superior

Written by:
John M. Collins
Narrated by:
Michael Chamberlain

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
9 hours 58 minutes
LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK ARE NOT NATURAL, unlike hierarchies and the dominance behaviors that are common within them. True leaders are those who've experienced the critical transformations needed to develop a naturally high capacity for influencing the members of a team in a way that inspires collaboration. If they haven't, their efforts to influence are awkward, careless, and damaging. The good news, however, is that this transformation is always within reach, no matter how much or how little leadership experience you have. But it begins by confronting centuries-old attitudes about what it means to be....a superior.
THE NEW SUPERIOR is a bold but heartfelt tutorial on the fundamentals of contemporary high-stakes leadership, drawn from the unique experiences and insights of one of America's most respected forensic laboratory executives who reminds us that urgency is what energizes teams in the face of existential threats. Unfortunately, momentum is often sacrificed by toxic influencers whose need to dominate suppresses collaboration, even in matters of life and death. From the bombing of the 1996 Olympics to the brutal slaying of a young fashion model near Chicago, John M. Collins takes you inside of pressure-packed situations where two opposing styles of leadership confront each other in a primitive and dangerous struggle. In this struggle you will learn that both styles live within you, but only one will allow you to become the leader that people trust when everything is on the line.
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