The Nimble C-Suite

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
6 hours 13 minutes
Amid perpetual upheavals and accelerating world changes, we transition from the Experience Economy where buyers chose memorable outcomes to the Transformational Economy where buyers choose meaningful, authentic, and socially responsible outcomes.
Because your customers want to become a better version of themselves, your company must become a better version of itself.
This book’s premise: the future belongs to the nimble; those able to resiliently innovate to deliver meaningful goods and services that customers seek. Being nimble makes demands beyond the traditional corporate structure and leadership strategy’s ability to deliver.
This book is your essential bridge from the conventional business approaches you used to get where you are today, to flourishing in a Transformational Economy as a socially responsible business.
In it, we’ll provide you with a fresh look at the root causes that limit leadership teams and offers overdue solutions that can address these causes in today’s chronically volatile business environment.
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