Nine Paths to Wisdom: Living a Fuller Life

Written by:
David E C Huggins
Narrated by:
David E C Huggins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
15 hours 18 minutes
A supportive and balanced guide, centred on a professional coach's personal experiences, in applying a wisdom-based approach, to finding purpose and fulfilment in life. Concepts, analogies, models, self-inventories, anecdotes and detailed examples provide foundational and practical strategies to facilitate individual growth and development. The style is narrative and structured to enable personal reflection and progressive individual applications within a cohesive philosophy. It can serve as a dedicated self-improvement guide or as a source of practical ideas for parents and teachers who are entrusted with the development of younger people.

Prefaced by exposure to three popular yet disabling 'myths', three elegant pathways are identified to assist with the gathering of wisdom; three further pathways assist in the processing of valuable themes for the individual, and finally, three pathways provoke deeper, internal value creation.

The book comprises an introduction to the Opportunity, detailed development of an Action Plan, a building methodology and a Resource Bank of practical Assists.
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