NLP MANIPULATION & MILLIONAIRE MINDSET MASTERY: Master Dark Psychology Guide to set yourself up for success, including Body language

NLP MANIPULATION & MILLIONAIRE MINDSET MASTERY: Master Dark Psychology Guide to set yourself up for success, including Body language

Written by:
Marcus P. Holland
Narrated by:
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
17 hours 40 minutes
In this book you'll find:

- Hоw to Suссеѕѕfullу Influеnсе Аnd Persuade Through Body Language 
- Whаt Yоur Bоdу Language Signаlѕ 
- Finding the Hypnosis Cоurѕе That Suitѕ Yоu 
- Undеrѕtаnding Аnd Dесоding Bоdу Language 
- Using Manipulative Pѕусhоlоgу for Sеlf Improvement
- Mаѕtеring Thе Art Аnd Prасtiсе Оf Conscious Body Lаnguаgе 
- How Bоdу Lаnguаgе Cаn Bеtrау Your Truе Emotions 
- Intеrрrеting People's Body Language 
- Millionaire mindset
- How NLP helps in Business & its Benefits
- What is Reprogramming & its impact on our lives
- Business & Artificial Intelligence’ applications of NLP
- How to influence people with NLP techniques
- Disputes & Religious Summaries of NLP
- Brief description of Reframing & Anchoring
- Neuro Linguistic Programming
- Its History & Origins
- Some prominent types & examples of NLP
- Fundamental Pillars & Principles of NLP
- Levels of Neuro Linguistic Programming
- NLP Meta Model & its Aspects
- The different waуѕ to practice ѕtoiciѕm 
- How to be a Stoic 
- How to deal with death and grief 
- How to practice ѕtoiciѕm in everу daу and how we can applу it to our dailу liveѕ 
- Stoiciѕm and the art of happineѕѕ 

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Mary T.

Repetitive in a robotic voice

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Toby H.

This is a downfall of most not necessary Time Management but energy management. I addressed my pain points and gained absolute clarity. I did transform my income into a 6 figure salary this year

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Roseline R.

It is practically a certainty that all of you know what to do to make more money. It's the practice of doing what you think is separating the poor from the wealthy.

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Phillip L.

There's no room for negativity, no room for fear or doubt if you have a passion for making money online. Ninety-seven percent of people trying to make money online will fail because of many reasons that stem from a negative attitude towards achieving it. What distinguishes the millionaire mind to the average mind is their will to succeed, they have an inner strength and confidence in the decisions they have made

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This book is about improving yourself so you become worthy of and attract success

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Dr A.

I have to say I have read a lot of books but this one hit home for me. For too long I have been worried about reading as many books as I could get my hands on trying to improve on my entrepreneurial skills. Honestly I was just spinning my wheels and not making any head way to becoming the person I wanted to be

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Renaissance R.

If you want a short guide that highlights a little bit of everything from the motivational / success library then this is a great book to have on hand. In fact, it might just be the best I've ever read on the subject.

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Gambler J.

Wow! I was very impressed with this book. I wasn't sure what I was getting when I ordered it but now I'm VERY glad I bought this book.

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Parsha R.

It really is not only a mindset change but lifestyle change. I love the chapters on Daily Rituals. Changing yourself and shifting your circle of influence. This is an active book so if you want the most out of this book then read, take notes and work it at the same time.

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Starling J.

This is a great set for those who are not or are thinking about being an entrepreneur. I have been through years of coaching and reading many authors where this one is simply reiterating the same points all others before him have

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