Written By: Alexander McCall Smith

Narrated By: Lisette Lecat

Date: November 2003

Duration: 8 hours 12 minutes


This remarkably fresh and charming best-seller took the world by storm upon its publication. It has since earned two Booker Judges' Special Recommendations and was voted one of the 'International Books of the Year and the Millennium' by the Times Literary Supplement. Mma 'Precious' Ramotswe sets up a detective agency in Botswana on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, making her the only female detective in the country. At first, cases are hard to come by. But eventually, troubled people come to Precious with a variety of concerns. Potentially philandering husbands, seemingly schizophrenic doctors, and a missing boy who may have been killed by witch doctors all compel Precious to roam about in her tiny van, searching for clues. Chosen as a Top Ten Mystery by the Organization of Independent Booksellers, U.S.A., The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is that rare novel that imparts a sage wisdom while inspiring hearty laughter and lasting smiles.


  • Daniel Reiner

    this is my first audiobook and I love it the narrator is doing a great job with all the different characters I love learning about Botswana and Africa how they think not on similar to the rest of the world but traditions and such heard this writer was good they linked him with To Kill a Mockingbird author and I do love his work hasn't found any other audio books or books in general the sides live comics that read their books in front of an audience any better than this this is enthralling this is my first enjoyable audiobook out of hundreds and hundreds that I have listened to only Isaac Newton was I'm more interested but the narrator and the writer weren't as good sorry James Glick that was the only other audio book I enjoyed besides the ones who put on a big show

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  • Allison Brodeur

    Very good book and narrator. The main character felt like a friend by the end of the book. I enjoyed the story of the characters themselves as well as the smaller detective cases.

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  • Kathleen M.

    I really enjoyed this book. Botswana was completely new to me, and I loved the main character. She was intelligent, kind, and had a great self awareness. Her cleverness made me smile frequently throughout the book I was very pleased by the ending.

  • Terri B.

    A smart and heartwarming collection of stories with kind and insightful observations on human nature. Sensitively and entertainingly read by someone with a lyrical African voice.

  • Chris

    Really enjoyed this! Narrator not bad, recommend playing at 1.5x.

  • Alison B.

    Lovely sweet read!

  • Alan C

    Terrible narrator with affected voice. Reads the book painfully slowly (and listening at a faster speed didn't make the affectation any better). Couldn't get past an hour.

  • Emily B.

    Fun short read

  • Colleen M.

    Loved the characters and plot lines for each mystery. Makes you wish you were in Botswana with them. Looking forward to next book.

  • Holly C.

    This was recommended to me some time ago. I'm so glad I listened to it! Fun characters and plot.

  • Tanya B.

    A well-narrated book empowering to women who have faced prejudice in the workplace. Fascinating African backdrop.

  • Anonymous

    Very entertaining book, and the narration was perfect for the subject matter. It was quite interesting to learn more about Botswana.

  • Philip H.

    Nice story and provides cultural look into lives of men and especially women in Botswana. I found the cases and situations unsophisticated and homespun, too simple and basic for my tastes for a detective novel. Narrator projects the feelings of Precious well and brings life into this book compared to if I simply read it.

  • Anonymous

    The narrator is wonderful. she has a beautiful speaking voice, and seems to understand the storyline and the characters. The story itself is engaging and the main characters are likable. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book!

  • craig specht

    I really like this book, at first I wasn't too sure about it but it grew on me. I loved the narrator, I like how she brought the characters to life.

  • Kathryn R.

    Wonderful book. A virtual trip to another culture and a good mystery baked in for extra pleasure. Loved the narrator. I will put her on my strongly preferred list. Highly recommended.

  • Sharon W

    Excellent in all regards! Recommended to listeners of audiobooks.

  • Marie Goulet

    Excellent story. It was my first audiobook and I liked it. Narrator made both story and characters come alive.

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by Alexander McCall Smith

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No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith
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No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith
This title is due for release on November 21, 2003
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No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith
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No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith

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