No Turning Back, Regardless: How God Rescued Me, Redeemed Me, and Restored My Heart with a Song

Written by:
Lisa Daggs , Margot Starbuck
Narrated by:
Lisa Daggs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
7 hours 6 minutes
In No Turning Back, Regardless, award-winning Christian country singer Lisa Daggs shares her story of addiction, conviction, and triumph about learning to trust the God Who loved her regardless of her circumstances.

In 1989, Daggs sat, hopeless, in a jail cell as the women around her picked scabs and spat on the floor. She was facing three to five years of incarceration after a felony charge for cocaine possession with intent to sell. Rather than surrendering to her circumstances, Daggs made a decision: She would follow God regardless.

Today, Daggs has shared her story on tour with Bill and Gloria Gaither, with 3.2 million viewers through her TV show, and through her Recovery Radio Program heard in forty-seven states and twenty-seven countries.

Lisa's story isn't just one of personal triumph, though-it's her story of the God who held her as her life crumbled, and used her songs to reach countless people for Christ.

Lisa Daggs's story will help you understand your own, enabling you to stand with servants like Job and Moses, who trusted God when they could not yet see His faithfulness: It will help you learn to trust Regardless.
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