Not Broken: The Happily Ever After

Not Broken: The Happily Ever After

Written by:
Meka James
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
11 hours 54 minutes
She survived a hell most people couldn’t fathom…

Two years later, Calida Jokobi has constructed her life with two goals in mind: to keep the remaining pieces of her heart safe and her deepest secrets buried. However, pretending you’re fine only works if no one challenges the lie.

One man puts it all at risk.

Malcolm has been her friend. Her first crush. And her first kiss. Now he wants to be the man to prove that past decisions don’t make her unworthy of love.

The closer he gets, the more her façade begins to crumble, leaving the truths she’s worked to hide vulnerable to exposure. With the life and happiness she’s dreamed of in reach, can Calida let down her defenses and trust not only Malcolm, but also herself?

**The story is about recovery from an abusive relationship and does contain mentions on past events that could be sensitive for some readers.**
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