Not Even For Love

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Sandra Brown

Narrated By: Karen Ziemba

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: May 2003

Duration: 4 hours 58 minutes


On the surface, Jordan Hadlock has it all. A great job managing the English newsstand in the old quarter of Lucerne, Switzerland. Rich and renowned Swiss industrialist Helmut Eckherdt is intent on marrying her, even though she hasn't said yes. What more could she ask for? A clap of thunder and a pounding on her door soon give her an answer.

Reeves Grant appears seeking shelter from a sudden downpour, but the real storm is inside Jordan and the passion they share that night. The next morning he disappears without a trace.

Still reeling from the encounter, Jordan plays hostess at Helmut's lavish dinner party, where Helmut announces that he and Jordan are to be wed -- at the very same moment she spies Reeves Grant snapping pictures of the event and her new "fiancé."

Now Jordan is moving toward the altar with a man she likes but doesn't love. And working on a feature of the wealthy Helmut -- often only inches away from her -- is photojournalist Reeves Grant, bringing with him all the memories of the emotions she felt one special night.

Not Even For Love captures the wild fluctuations between doubt and desire in complex relationships while offering the engrossing tale of a woman who must learn to trust her instincts to discover exactly who she is and what she wants.


  • Anonymous

    Disappointing book. This is the first Sandra Brown book I've read. I hope her other books are more interesting.

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  • Anonymous

    I chose this book from someone's recommended books list - maybe I made a mistake! I have read other books by Sandra Brown and liked them, so expected this one to be good. It was not. From the very beginning, the plot was entirely implausible, the characters unrealistic to the point of being unbelievable, and the story line simply "sappy." This turned out to be an amateurish romance novel.

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  • Anonymous

    A good and easy listen. The plot is no mystery, but the characters are likeable.

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  • JB

    This book was bad from the start. Poorly written with characters that made it impossible to suspend disbelief. I wanted to like it (stuck in the car on a long ride), but I couldn't get past the first CD. A zero star book.

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  • Anonymous

    Not worth the rental, sending back before I finished it

  • Kathy Jernigan

    Another good mystery by Sandra Brown. I do love the ones that are located in froeign cliimes.

  • Charity Moore

    This was a great romance novel. I love the stories of two people who want to be together but have to contain themselves for whatever reason. It breaks your heart but keeps you wanting to know what the end will be. It was great.

  • Anonymous

    Not what I anticipated from Sandra Brown. This was trite, silly and not up to par. I expected something much more. I would leave it low on the list. Sorry! Try her others as she is a great author.

  • Anonymous

    Typically, I thoroughly enjoy Sandra Brown. But this novel was somewhat difficult to swallow. Several times while listening I felt the strong urge to SHAKE the main character - just for being so excruciatingly simple!

  • Anonymous

    This was an ok book. Was not what I expected from Sandra Brown.