Nothing Is Impossible

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Christopher Reeve

Narrated By: Christopher Reeve

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: September 2002

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes


A sequel of sorts to Reeve's bestselling memoir, Still Me, Nothing is Impossible is a concise, meditative companion to the earlier book. Each of its nine chapters is devoted to some aspect of successful living (humor, faith, hope) or addresses a major life issue (parenting, religion, recovery). Although Reeve draws on his experiences prior to his spinal chord injury in 1995, it's clear that his views on life have evolved dramatically in the seven years since. Clearly of most obvious value to those facing the challenges of physical paralysis, this book also serves as inspirational primer for otherwise able-bodied individuals who may be thwarted by mental rather than physical wounds. In additional to his personal message, Reeve is also a blunt proponent of medical insurance reform and government research funding, devoting a chapter to it here, as well as a significant portion of his nonprofit Web site,


  • Dave G

    Very informative and enjoyable to listen to. No fluff in this, just facts and descriptions that made me feel as if I were in the studio as well. I was real sorry when this great audio book came to a close.

  • Pat

    Christopher Reeve is a true Super Man in my book, and so is his late wife, Dana. They overcame such daunting odds to make their life as "normal" as possible. I like how Mr. Reeve narrated the book himself. It must have been exhausting. I could hear his breathing tube and ventilator in the background! That just added to his charm. Go Forward, Chris and Dana!