Now I See: Looking for Jesus in Christianity

Now I See: Looking for Jesus in Christianity

Written by:
Mat Koenig
Narrated by:
Mat Koenig
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
2 hours 0 minutes
Millions of Christians struggle daily with making sense of God's judgment, and His love. Did God create humanity with a plan to only save a small group of them, while discarding the rest into a fiery torment forever? How could God be a loving Father, and do something like that? Did the death and resurrection of Jesus cover the sins of the world or only those who say the right words and do the right things to accept it? What if someone is never baptized, will they be sent to hell too? 

These questions don't just cause Christians to struggle, it causes many of them to abandon their faith completely. 

But what if God is putting these questions into the hearts of Christians for a purpose? 

What if God wants Christians to stop being mere consumers of the Bible? 

What if He is calling us to become partners in the rest of the story? What if the things we've been taught in our churches and small groups have kept us blind to the true mission of Jesus?

What if God wants Christians to stop trying to get people “saved”?

Somewhere between religious orthodoxy and progressive Christianity is the truth. 

Best selling author, minister, and value-driven speaker Mat Koenig shares a biblical vision for taking risks on radical love and faith, showing us how falling in love with Jesus, and being released from the burden of saving the souls of humanity, really are the 'good news' that Christians have been looking for. 

Now I See.
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