Odin’s Bane

Odin’s Bane

Written by:
Rosei Chapel , Rori Bleu
Narrated by:
Rosie Chapel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
3 hours 1 minute
Sela Helsdatter cannot catch a break. Relentless in his jealousy and wrath, Odin is determined that neither Sela nor her infant daughter will survive.

Shattered by loss, and with no time to grieve, Sela has to rely on the one person she believes responsible for her current predicament.

A lost friendship revived, the disparate trio seek refuge in a remote corner of Montana, with the uneasy awareness the child may be the key to their salvation.

Vowing Odin will not harm a hair on her daughter's head, Sela has to use every trick at her disposal to thwart the Norse Deity. At the same time another fiendish subversion threatens the future of humanity.

Will Odin be victorious… or is another power stirring which will prove to be his bane?
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